The saints and where they are buried ...  

As children, we learned fairy tales of Prince Charmings and brave maidens. We dreamt of being knights and queens, people of virtue who did noble things.

However, the best stories are often those we never heard, the stories of the saints' lives. These men and women were the real heroes, and their stories are often far more compelling than anything in any book by the Brothers Grimm.

Even if you don't use our services (and we hope you do), we want you to make a pilgrimage. And that's what this section of the website is designed to help you do.

Maybe you will some day be in Europe on business or driving through Central America to visit the high school exchange student who stayed with you all those years ago. Or you might be on safari or travelling to Vietnam to pick up your newly adopted daughter. And as you plan your route, you'll look on your map and, using this part of the website, you can see if any places along the way have saints buried there. You'll notice that the little village about half-way to your destination has a saint or venerable buried in its parish church. You park your car and slip into the quiet, empty, darkened interior, the only illumination coming from the stained glass windows and the flickering candles left by some faithful person. And you'll see the tomb. It might be in the floor or in a side chapel or under the high altar. You'll say a prayer there, asking that person in heaven who in Christ is more alive now than anyone on this earth will ever be to intercede before God on your behalf. And who knows? Maybe you'll receive a miracle. Millions once travelled to the tomb of St. Peter Parisi in Orvieto, Italy, and many miracles were wrought there. To this very day in Lourdes, France, the crippled leave their crutches behind and the blind gain their sight. Or maybe the answer you will get to your prayer is, "No." Never mind. Pray. Ask God, through the prayers of this saints, to grant you the temporal and spiritual graces you seek as long as it befits His will and helps manifest His glory in a way that will draw more people to His tender and, yes, sacred heart.

And while you're there, please say a prayer for us here at Sacred Heart Tours, will you?

How the information is organized

The information is organized as follows. I start with the country. From there, I list the cities in which saints, blesseds, venerables, and Servants of God are buried in alphabetical order (e.g., Alphaville, Jonesboro, Memphis, Scottsdale, etc.). Then, if there are multiple places in town where saints are buried, I list these alphabetically. Finally, underneath each church or cemetery or convent, I list the faithfully departed buried there.

You will notice that in some towns, there is a series of three question marks (e.g., ???) where a church should be. My problem here is that I know (or am reasonably sure) the person in question is buried in this town, but where? I don't know.

You will also notice that at the bottom of the list from each country (and certain cities), there is a listing of people with no church or even town associated with them. These are the people in these locales for whom no reliable information exists.

If you can help me fill in this information, much obliged.

Helpful hint: Say your on the page that lists the saints in Italy, and you want to find the saints buried in Lucca, hit Ctrl-F, type in the word "Lucca," and click on "Next." That way, you won't have to scroll through all the information in which you have no interest.