• Monastery of San Lorenzo
    • St. Bonannus, OSB, 1/1

Acerno, Salerno

  • ???
    • St. Donatus, abbot

Acerenza, Leone

  • Parish church
    • St. Canione (aka, Canio) di Atella, bishop and martyr, 5/25

Acireale, Catania, Sicily

  • Church of San Biaggio
    • Bl. Gabriele Allegra, Scripture scholar


  • Church of San Flaviano
    • St. Flavian, martyr, 12/22

Sadly, my website builder prevents me from efficiently posting the full research I've done on Italy as well of other European countries. If you want to know if a town you'll be visiting has a saint's tomb, please e-mail me through the Contacts and Links page. Give me the name of the town, and if something is there, I will send that information to you.

Conversely, if you know of a saint's tomb (or that of a blessed, venerable, or Servant of God), please e-mail me the name of the town, the church or location of the tomb, and the name of the saint, along with their occupation and feast day.