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Do I need a Visa when traveling to India?

American and Canadian citizens and most western countries need only a passport when visiting to most of the countries

But to enter India you need a valid Visa in your passport, our Team takes care of the visa application as we apply a 10 year multiple entry visa for all visitors which is a part of our package

Is it safe to travel to India?

The short answer is yes!
Millions of visitors travel to India each year, while visiting take the usual tourist precautions; don’t leave personal items unattended, use the safe deposit box at your hotels, be more mindful where you go at night, travel in groups and accompanied when possible.

What is the goal of The Pilgrim Experience?

The Pilgrim Experience is planned to give you a glimpse of catholic presence in eastern part of the globe, our hope is that you will grow in the knowledge of God and be encouraged in your faith.

How many places are we visiting?

The Tour destinations include Visit to 6 Saints tomb or relic preserving churches and also to more than 13 Shrines and Basilica and more than 6 other places which includes an overnight stay in a house boat.


What should I wear?

For summer, lightweight T shirts, sleeveless shirts, shorts, are recommended. Tours require a lot of walking in few areas therefore bring comfortable shoes and sun protection including a hat, sun screen lotion, and sunglasses. You can also bring a backpack to help you carry day-to-day touring items you may need.


What is the currency in India?

Rupee; it’s abbreviated as INR. We advise for you to check the exchange rate prior and or during your trip. You can use your ATM card to obtain INR at ATM’s throughout INDIA. You can also use MasterCard and Visa cards at most hotels, restaurants and stores.


Is it safe to eat and drink in India?

While during the tour, our team will provide bottled water and wet wipes, Breakfast and Dinner will be provided as part of the package. However Pilgrims are given an option to buy lunch of their choice from a good restaurant, which helps everyone to continue good health.


How are we travelling from one destination to other?

The tour is planned in such a way that the entire group will take flights to fly to each states and within each states to go from one destination to other there is an air conditioned bus


Why is there a houseboat stay in the trip?

House boats visit is a unique experience in the eastern part of the world,  and tourist from around the world travel to Kerala in India for this unique experience, We want all out pilgrims to experience an overnight stay while in this tour.
House boats are like hotels and have a luxury rooms while you cruise, so all the facility can be included.


Where will be staying during night?

As part of our tour package we have planned to book 4 star or a 5 star hotel so that all pilgrims can take rest in a comfortable place, and be ready to travel to next destinations.


Will there be someone guiding us?

 There will be a Tour Manager who will be responsible for the entire tour, Presence of an Indian priest is also expected, who will be guiding and explaining all pilgrims the importance of each destinations.

Pilgrims will also be guided by an English speaking guide local to each destination.

Will I be able to attend be Holy Mass?

Our team has requested each of the churches for a permission to celebrate holy mass, in certain places the Basilica or the Shrine has their own mass timings, assuring pilgrims are able to celebrate the holy mass daily.

Should I get my travel insurance?

We strongly suggest purchasing a travel insurance plan. Be sure to check with your health insurance provider as many US medical coverage plans may not cover you outside of the country. No matter where your travels take you, the last thing you want to do is think about something going wrong. Still, sometimes the unfortunate happens – long-awaited trips get interrupted or canceled, people get sick or injured, baggage is lost or stolen and natural disasters can strike. Be sure to get the right level of travel protection so you can relax and enjoy yourself.


How many Bags I can bring?

We try to book international airlines that allow 2 checking bags of 23KG, and piece of carryon baggage and a laptop bag. But not all domestic flights allow the same.

We recommend pilgrims travelling to India that all hotels have laundry service, so feel free to pack light, and make your life easier at arrival and when changing hotels.


Time difference between India & US

India is 9:30 hours ahead of USA. That means when it is 8:00 am in New York USA, it is 5:30 pm in India

Air travel that involves crossing different time zones may result into jet lag. Keeping this in mind we have made arrangements in such a way that you go directly to hotel and take rest and be prepared for a fresh start the next day.



Frequently Asked Questions.