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Little Mount Church

Little Mount Church is a rocky prominence where legend places the tiny cave that served as the Apostle's home.

The rock-hewn cave, with its low, narrow opening, has an altar with the image of St. Thomas. To the east of the cave, an opening stands, supposedly that of a tunnel through which the Apostle fled from his assailants to St. Thomas Mount.

The faithful believe that the opening (window) had been miraculously made and through that St. Thomas escaped from his enemies who waited in front of the entrance.

Near the tunnel's entrance, a palm print displays impressed on the rock. The faithful believe that hand-print and the footprint at the foot of the hillock, to be those of St. Thomas.

Behind the new circular church there is a natural spring. Tradition has it that this was created when Thomas struck the rock, so the crowds that came to hear him preach could quench their thirst.